Five Things You Can Do To Promote Peace!


Human Peace Symbol

Human Peace Symbol



This world belongs to everyone and it’s up to all of us to make and keep it just and peaceful. Contact us if we can help you in any way. Remember kids meeting kids can make a difference. I picked these five things to do because I think they are good examples of ways us kids can help promote peace and discourage violence in our communities.

It’s important to me because I want to help make the world a better place. Violence against kids bothers me. I don’t like knowing kids in a war zone might accidentally step on a land mine while he/she is playing. Growing up shouldn’t be full of fear, pain and dying. Five things you can do right away to build awareness:

1. “Organize a “Day/Days against Violence” at your school or after school center. It can be in a classroom or at a meeting or assembly. Organize with other kids to have a panel or workshop and discuss issues that are real in your own school or neighborhood. (I.e. racism, drugs, guns, tracking, sexism, children’s rights, exclusion in school sports, military recruitment, etc.)

  • I think this is a really good example of something you can do to promote peace awareness in your area. I really like the idea of a “Day against Violence” rally. A single person could organize this event.

2. Have a debate in your school about the issues of violence. (Debate if you think hunger or immigration rights or gun control or health care for sick kids are issues that the US should take more responsibility for.)

  • Do some research on the issues? Find out more about the Convention on the Rights of a Child. I think that debates are a really good idea because you might convince more people to promote peace. It could really work.

3. Help to get the Convention on the Rights of the Child ratified and enforced. Find out more about children’s rights and what you can do to help other kids in your neighborhoods, your country and the world.

  • This Convention on the Rights of the Child promote awareness and help stop violence to kids in your area. It could keep you from getting sucked into the violent population.

4. Create your own debate club in school one dedicated to helping create a better atmosphere in your school and neighborhood. This club could do positive things around the community. (Food Drives, Playground and Parks Clean Up, Block Parties Against Violence, Informational Sessions on Important Issues, etc.)

  • I really like the idea of having a debate club that focuses on issues surrounding violence. This is a great way to inform people and it could get you supporters of peace.

5. Get adults involved in issues against violence. Have a parent-teacher night where you talk about children’s rights.

  • This sounds like a good idea for those of you in public school. You can even invite the Chief of Police.


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2 responses to “Five Things You Can Do To Promote Peace!

  1. Let me know if there is anything I can do!

    Jessica Pemble

  2. addy

    woow! so cool

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